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Bioenergetic Gardening in Alentejo

This is a call to all gardeners and earth-healers!
Many techniques exist how to raise a permaculture bed, how to produce compost, etc... but very little actually exist about the tools we all use to achieve this great work. So much trouble is created in our bodies and mind up to the point that we accepted that body pain is part of the work!!
After this condensed workshop, you will be able to improve your existing tools and use them in a way that your body will thank you at the end of the day!

I, Robert Wiener, have been teaching since 2008, mostly at Tamera Peace Research Village, Portugal. I am now offering workshops in Europe about my new tools for holistic preparation of garden beds. 
For the last 20 years I have lived and gardened in community. I grew up in a farm and I always loved to work with my hands and simple tools. When I was 17 I discovered Hartha-yoga, and have been practicing since then. I began to study biodynamic agriculture and later bio-organic horticulture, and finally “Holzer-style Permaculture”. Through practicing conscious physical work with intelligent garden tools, the joy of gardening grows in our bodies and beings. In this space - between gardening and community – I have developed unique ways for the body of the earth and the body of the human to meet in a healing space.

The workshop will unfold through theoretical and practical teachings with the modules:
-Introduction to the improved tools
-Embodiment of the use of the tools
-Review of all steps to create an efficient garden bed
-Physical training with yoga techniques
-Integration of the learnings in your own realities
-Conversation about gardening in community

These questions accompany me along my journey and I will be happy to develop them with you:
-> Is it possible to develop new tools as healing bridges linking the body of the earth and the body of the gardener?
-> How can embodied gardening help to create healing foods?
-> How can gardening be integrated into a social space for all people to find their unique contact with the garden?

This course can host 10 participants. It will be guided in English, with Portuguese translation if needed.
Seminar fee: 80€ (incl. lunch & lodging)
Please contact us to know more about the workshop and register!
A shorter workshop will take place in Lisbon on March 18th... ;-)

A student shares about her experience in one of Robert's workshops: "For me it was very important when Robert explained his way to approach the earth and the link with our body and mind."

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