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The Win-win Way

The Win-win Way
A workshop on change-making and collaboration

March 25th and 26th (arrival between 15:00 and 21:00 on the 24th)
with Uri Noy-Meir and Deborah Rim Moiso

A two-day workshop inspired by deep ecology and social theatre in which we learn and experience tools that help us unlock the potential of true collaboration. 

If you are an Individual or group involved in socio-environmental projects, community activists, permaculturists, innovators, game changers… if you are looking to power-up your projects, for a safe space in which to deepen your intention...if you are in process of transformation, transition and change this workshop is for you !!! :D 

In the midst of turbulence and change, with so much disturbing information about the world coming our way, what supports us in holding healthy reactions? 
At times we might feel frozen, paralysed into inaction. We may be washed over by feelings of overwhelm, sadness, and lose our sense of agency and purpose. Another possibility is to get caught in the rush and frenzy of acting. We race forward, lead project after project, at risk of burnout, of pushing other people away, of losing track of “why” we are doing things. In this workshop we will exercise the art of paying attention to our attention: how can we change this game of either/or? What helps us integrate the active and the receptive parts in ourselves, our projects, our lives? 
Together we will co-create a safe space in which to experience the deep interconnection of mind and body, vision and intention. Individual and group reflection on these practices opens the door to insights about personal and collective projects. 

What to expect? 
We shall use tools from Work that Reconnects (Joanna Macy’s body of work on deep ecology), such as guided meditations and visioning, accessing the power of gratitude and a deeper sense of time to find guidance for our intentions and decisions. Practices inspired by social theatre (Social Presencing, Theatre of the Oppressed etc) will help us access the wisdom of the body.
Expect to leave with more and deeper questions than when you began, some new insights and “a-has”, support, friendship, and a lot of laughter. Participate with an open mind, be “inside” the experience and observe from “outside” how you might want to use these tools for your projects, groups, and personal life.

Uri Noy-Meir was born in the Galilee, and lives in Italy. He works as a facilitator of creative processes and as a Theatre of the Oppressed trainer. Uri has led transformative workshops and trainings for activists, educators, social workers and artists around the world. Uri has trained with renowned Theater of the Oppressed practitioners such as Hector Aristizabal, Barbara Santos and Chen Alon, in Dragon Dreaming facilitation with its co-creator John Croft and in Social Presencing Theatre with its co-creator Arawana Hayashi.

Deborah Rim Moiso is a facilitator and trainer with the Transition Network, creating spaces for communities and people to come together for hope and change. She is half-Italian half-American and a professional translator; she has translated books on Permaculture into Italian, and published a deck of cards on facilitation and group work. On her land in central Italy she grows olives, fruit and vegetables, is learning beekeeping and cultivates relationships with the local neighbourhood and farmers' market. 

How to make my inscription?
By mailing us at 
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Guarantee your place! Limited places available! 

Course Fees:
Fair price - 150€ 2 day workshop 
(we also open the possibility for you to pay in a sliding scale from 120€ to 180€, depending on your possibilities at this moment, allowing this way an economical sustainability balanced point fair for everyone). 

Besides this amazing workshop with two international facilitators, this fee includes: 3 delicious (mostly bio/ local/ vegetarian/ vegan) meals + 2 coffee / tea breaks a day, camping, hot shower, the possibility of meditation twice a day and a community experience you will never forget :) 

The fares must be transferred at the moment of your inscription. In case of cancellation from our part we return the total amount. 
In case the participant cancels in the 15 days prior to the workshop, we charge 20%, in the last previous week we will be required to charge the totality.

How to arrive?
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Hope to see you soon!

* At O Fojo Permaculture as an Internacional Education Center our main language for communication is English. Translation support organized according to needs.

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