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Sociocracy 3.0 Introductory Weekend

Sociocracy 3.0 Introductory Weekend 
March 11th and 12th (arrival between 15:00 and 20:00 on the 10th)
with Diogo Cordeiro 

Allow your group to work more effectively and take better decisions together promoting transparency and accountability!

What is Sociocracy 3.0?
"An open framework for evolving agile and resilient organizations of any size, from small start-ups to large international networks and nationwide, multi-agency collaboration."

"Sociocracy 3.0
- provides a coherent collection of principles based patterns for collaboration, to navigate complexity, adapt and evolve.
- incrementally processes available information into continuous improvement of the value stream, products, services and skills.
- helps organizations making the best use of the talent already present, and to grow flexible organizational structures to align the flow of information and influence to the flow of value
- provides an organic, iterative approach to change that meets organizations where they are and helps them move forward at their own pace and according to their unique context and needs.
- draws on the collective intelligence of the group
- facilitates the development of strategies that are “good enough for now” and “safe enough to try”
- fosters accountability and a sense of engagement
- is a transformational mechanism for both individuals and the whole organization

Sociocracy 3.0 may be applied within
- startups
- small and medium businesses
- large international, networked organizations
- families
- investor-funded organizations
- communities
and more…"
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During this course and supported by the S3 framework, we shall navigate together through opportunities of improvement and step-by-step, unfold those collaboration patterns that might best serve your current needs. In this journey you may expect to have time to self-inquire, discover your why's and to produce organization, make decisions and build strategies together.

Facilitator - Diogo Cordeiro
The best definition I'm finding for me this days is a set of particles united by some greater or minor strength and driving themselves to attend the need of connection with the one's in the surroundings in such a way that no words need to be written for us to be fluent in collaboration. In this path, I integrate wisdom gained in the last 4 years and coming from "I don't really know where", and by study and practice with Sociocracy (and then 3.0), Non-violent communication, Conflict Mediation, Vipassana Meditation, Real-contexts experiencing, Learning by Teaching, Learning by Practicing, World Cafe, Charismatic Communication, Open Space, (Agile) Software Development, Events Organization, Group Dynamics Facilitation, Day-to-Day Living. I'm also a rising parent. So do expect quite a mix of vulnerability with power expressing through me.

How to make my inscription?
By mailing us at
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Guarantee your place! Limited places available! 

Course fees:
Fair price - 150€ 2 day workshop 
(we also open the possibility for you to pay in a sliding scale from 120€ to 180€, depending on your possibilities at this moment, allowing this way an economical sustainability balanced point fair for everyone). 

Besides this inspiring workshop, this fee includes: 3 delicious (mostly bio/ local/ vegetarian/ vegan) meals + 2 coffee / tea breaks a day, camping, hot shower, the possibility of meditation twice a day and a community experience you will never forget :) 

The fares must be transferred at the moment of your inscription. In case of cancellation from our part we return the total amount. 
In case the participant cancels in the last previous week we will be required to charge the totality.

How to arrive?
Take a look here: link />
Join us! Please share and invite your friends! 
Hope to see you soon!

* At O Fojo Permaculture as an Internacional Education Center our main language for communication is English. Translation support organized according to needs.

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