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Effortless Men Retreat

  • Retiro de Coaching
  • Ricardo Ribeiro
  • 29 de Agosto de 2016
  • Duração
  • Porto, Porto
  • Preço
  • Vagas

(Este retiro único será conduzido em inglês, no Porto, entre os dias 29 de Agosto e 1 de Setembro - abaixo encontra-se a descrição original do mesmo. Para mais informações contactar "email" ou visitar a página oficial) 



Break The Rules Of What You Think It Means To Be A Man Today ++ Leave The Stress And Pressure Behind And Embrace Freedom



Effortless Men Retreat is for men who are ready to make a bigger commitment to their lives than they have ever made before.

This three-day retreat in Porto, Portugal on August 29th-September 1st, 2016 is a safe space for 7 extraordinary men like you to finally unshackle from unnecessary pressures, beliefs and mindsets and to deeply embrace freedom and play, so that you can unleash effortless, soulful fulfilment in your life & your work.

During this experience, you’ll be surrounded by supportive, ambitious and like-minded men, changemakers and business owners who will become lifetime friends, connections and collaborators. Meet your new brotherhood of men!



I’m Ricardo Ribeiro, Founder of the Effortless Men Retreat.

I help other men create an atmosphere of Love, Joy and Freedom in everything they do.

And I am on a mission to set every man free from society’s expectations and from the unnecessary pressures we put onto ourselves, so we live to our heart’s content and do whatever we want with ease and effortlessness.

I believe every single one of us has our own unique individuality that, when expressed, makes us feel right at home, in any situation.

And I am not talking about your personality or who you tell yourself you are.

These are just stories we tell ourselves.

You are more than the stories you tell, the identity you have, the money you make, the car you drive.

I’m talking about an honest, vulnerable, and natural expression that comes out effortlessly when you allow yourself to feel and let go of what you can’t control.



Too many of us get lost in our quest to get more from life and be more successful.

There’s nothing wrong with living a life fueled by achievement, if this is what you want.

But in a society where being more and getting more is the norm, it’s easy for men to lose track of who they truly are, what they truly desire, and what their gifts are to the world.

We work harder than ever before, we constantly consume mindless information and we put on masks in different scenarios that hide the not so shiny parts of ourselves, because everyone seems to be doing it.

And we don’t want to feel inadequate.

So we follow gurus that tell us what it means to be “successful”, and we work hard to follow their footsteps. We choose careers that provide us with financial security and stability, but don’t necessarily fulfill us. We create conditions on what it means to be a great lover.

Guess what: all of this makes us feel inadequate.

Why do you make it harder on yourself, when the ultimate goal is simply to feel good?

As I’ve worked with men through my coaching practice and as I’ve connected with countless others, the pattern is striking.

Most men feel neutral, or nothing at all.

And I believe this is the result of a lack of clarity made possible by those same conditions of what it means to be a success.

We only allow ourselves to feel Love, Joy and Freedom as a reward for achieving whatever we tell ourselves we need to achieve.

But until then, fear, anxiety and stress are the predominant feelings. Because we find ourselves:

  • Feeling jealous of other men who seemingly have it all;
  • Consuming mindless information that makes you feel inadequate and makes you fear you don’t have what it takes;
  • Worrying that you’re going to be a failure and that others will find out;
  • Resorting to alcohol, drugs, food, porn and other mindless distractions to overcome stress;
  • Needing to have everything figured out before your next move;
  • Putting on an “alpha-male” vibe to impress women and compete against other men;
  • Feeling inadequate in bed and in your relationships;
  • Feeling like you don’t have a group of men that would be there for you, no matter what, because we close ourselves to other men.

If this is you, you’re not alone.

I’ve been down that rabbit hole. And honestly, it’s very easy to get caught up in that trap.

Most of the advice out there tells us that we’re not worthy nor complete.

But my invitation to you is this:

What if you are already great in everything you want to be great at? What if you could allow yourself to feel Love, Joy and Freedom in everything you do, right now?

Because you can.

And I invite you to experience that, maybe for the first time ever, with 7 other men on what will be a life-changing event.



Effortless Men Retreat is not a retreat to get advice, because that’s not what I’m here for. I’m not here to give you advice or the latest tips and strategies.

I’m here to help you find answers.

YOUR answers, not mine, not anyone else’s.

Together with expert facilitators, we’re here to guide you, by giving you access to a space that’s been created for you and a small group of men, so you can have support in a way that you’ve never had support before, to really show up 100%, in a way where you actually begin to understand how amazing life is.

Life is a gift, filled with Love, Joy and Freedom, if we choose to see it that way.

It is an adventure to be lived.

And this will be a safe space that will allow you to:

  • Transform your fears into possibilities;
  • Experience a shift in the way you perceive your life, yourself and others;
  • To feel a relaxation and effortlessness in your body like you’ve never felt before;
  • To experience a renewed sense of joy and awe for life;
  • To develop a deeper sense of trust and peace;
  • To express yourself fully, whether that means laugh louder or cry harder, but ultimately to allow yourself to feel more love and to play full out.

That’s where the secret to life is. Just showing up.

I want you to show up for yourself, NOT anyone else, for yourself, like you’ve never showed up before; all without the unnecessary pressures and expectations you’ve ever created for yourself.

I want you to start noticing that greatness is already there inside of you. You need no one’s permission to let it shine.

You’re allowed to embrace Love, Joy and Freedom like your life depends on it.

Whatever it is that you want to create in your life, it’ll flourish in an environment where your mind gets out of your way.

If being more of who you were meant to be is something that’s exciting to you, then let’s have a conversation.

This is a retreat for 7 inspiring men; 7 men that will arrive as strangers, come together for 3 days, and walk away as brothers.

Because each one of you is such a critical piece in creating this environment, this retreat is by application only. If you feel this is for you, we want to make sure. You can contact myself or one of the facilitators and we’ll have arrange a phone or Skype conversation so that we can make sure this retreat and you are the best fit possible.



Wait… do you actually think there is an agenda?

Remember: part of this experience is all about stripping away the expectations, remaining open to what might be and showing up not knowing what’s going to happen. I invite you to get comfortable with not knowing everything, because the truth is you never will.

I’ll just say this: The retreat will be located in the city center of beautiful Porto, Portugal. We’ll divide our time between the park, the beach and our local house.



  • The Effortless Men Retreat Workshops will be in English.
  • Your flights should be booked to Porto, Portugal (August 29th – September 1st)
  • The organizer has the right to cancel the training due to low number of participants – this will prevent us from working at the highest level. If in any case the retreat is cancelled, organizer is obliged to return the money paid by the participants.
  • The number of participants is limited to 7 men.

Price includes:

  • All Effortless Men Retreat hours + materials
  • All required transportation to the oceanside
  • Private Room
  • Airport Transfers (within scheduled time frame)

Price does not include:

  • Flights to Porto, Portugal
  • Meals (we considered getting a caterer, but for reasons of both cost and the overall experience of the retreat, we believe getting away from the house, exploring, and sharing locals meals with like-minded men is the perfect atmosphere for you to open up, connect and learn more from the amazing brotherhood around you. Average cost of a meal in a restaurant in Porto is 15 EUR)
  • Personal Travel Insurance



Step 1: Fill in the application form by July 20th, 2016.

Step 2: Get confirmation of acceptance by July 25th, 2016.

Step 3: Pay the fee and book your tickets (you need to get to Porto) until July 26th, 2016.

Step 4: Join us August 29th-September 1st in Porto for the most amazing experience

  • Early bird until July 10th, 2016 – 337 EUR
  • Full ticket until July 26th, 2016 – 397 EUR





Ricardo Ribeiro (Founder)

I see life as a gift and as an adventure to be lived. And I’m on a mission to set every man free from society’s expectations and from the unnecessary pressures we put onto ourselves, so we live to our heart’s content and do whatever we want to do effortlessly.

I believe every single one of us has their unique individuality that, when expressed, makes us feel right at home, in any situation.

Through events, retreats, live meetups and 1-on-1 coaching, I’m on a mission to help men reclaim their powerful nature so they do meaningful impactful work, create deeper relationships with women, cultivate amazing friendships with other men, and most importantly, live with a sense of Love, Joy and Freedom every day of their lives.


Kristian Stephan-Martin (Expert Facilitator + Life Coach)

Flying all the way from Australia, Kristian is one of the most incredible coaches and facilitators I know. He’s on a mission to help not-so-common people have the confidence and raw-thenticity to express their true selves both in conversation and in their passion to the world.

“I’m over the moon to be co-creating this event with Ricardo and Crysta. I help people show up. Fully. Raw-thentically. To become present that the life they want may in fact well be the life they already have, if only they learnt how to see it.

Not only are you ready but the starting gun has already gone off.

Check his official Facebook page here.




We’re here to support you. E-mail us here.

Applications are open until July 20th, 2016.

More info here.

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