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Scriptwritting with Lisa Scott Gordon

Scriptwritting (10:00 am - 1:00 pm)

with Lisa Scott Gordon

Lisa Scott Gordon is a screenwriter, winner of the Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship, among other awards, and Master of Fine Arts graduate of UCLA School of Film and Television. She has worked as a script doctor and novel adaptor for many years, specialising in dialogue and character. These are the twin focuses of this three-hour interactive seminar. This is for all levels of interest and commitment, though we do ask that those who wish to participate as screenwriters do so by submitting a 3-5 page scene, and that they be versed in correct screenplay format. The entire workshop will be conducted in English.

The first ten participants who submit their script by email in attachment, (PDF, Final Draft or Word) at least two days (preferably earlier) before the start of the seminar will have their scenes read by fellow attendees - you'll need to put your actors' hat on! These scenes will be critiqued by Ms Gordon and a class as a whole.

The limit for submitted written work is 20 participants and - as stated above - only the first ten will be printed out and copied for reading and review within the seminar. The next ten will be given a written critique by Ms Gordon and she will make herself available for questions from any paid participant during the run of the Festival.

To give focus and level the playing field, there is a topic for the submitted work. The theme is "a parting of ways". There are to be  two, three or four characters. The point is conflict, which is the essence of all narrative. Your best tools to define conflict within the structure of a script are dialogue and character development.

"A parting of ways" can be illustrated in a number of ways: for example, a divorce, a break-up, a forced redundancy, quitting a job, a child wanting to be shed of their parents or vice-versa. It can be dramatic or comedic, it really doesn't matter.

Anyone is welcome to attend (provided they have paid the 20€ fee) but only the first 20 participants to submit scenes will have the opportunity for a responde to their work.

There will be a 45 minute lecture/presentation before the readings and a ten-minute intermission. Get writting!

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