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Tango & Cinema - with Costa Kalogiros

Tango & Cinema (10:00 am - 1:00 pm)

with Costa Kalogiros.


Tango and film are contemporaneous. They were born and grew up together. There is no silent tango, but there is early, wordless tango, in which music and dance are the sole means of expression. After 1903 and Beginning in 1925 there are attempts to synchronize recorded music with motion pictures. At the point in the screenplay where a singer is supposed to perform a tango, the real thing is played on a Gramophone. The rest of the scenes pass in silence. During showings of Adiós, Argentina, for example, silence reigns until the moment that Libertad Lamarque sings the title song. For the rest of the show, not a peep.

Tango music and dance, were introduced in many famous films from the 1920's and on, such as The four horsemen of the apocalypse, tango bar (featuring the most famous singer of tango music Carlos Gardel), Adios Buenos Aires, Last Tango in Paris, Never say Never again, El exilio de Gardel, Naked tango, Scent of a Woman, Strictly Ballroom, True lies, EVITA, The Tango Lesson, Tango (Carlos Saura). Moulin Rouge, Chicago, Frida, Assasination Tango, Shall We Dance, and many many more.

Costa (Tango Teacher/Film Director/Musician), was born in Athens, Greece, in 1978 and for the past 5 years he was living and working in Berlin, Germany. He was working for a Greek TV Channel, and in concerts as a member of the production team of names such as Shakira, George Michael etc, and also as a director for TV commercials. His first film entitled "Apology", was screened in "Cannes Film Festival 2010", and won an award in Cyprus International Film Festival as "Best ex-patriate director", and won also special mentions in other festivals around the world. He was introduced in the world of tango, 5 years ago, in Berlin. Shortly after his first steps in tango in various tango schools and while attending almost everyday milongas and practicing on his own, in the end of 2009, he met with his teacher and mentor as he likes to say, Matias Facio from Argentina. With a big dedication, sacrifices hard work, and always with the guidance of his mentor and friend Matias, he managed to rise a lot of levels fast, and he managed to start teaching tango. He is currently living and working in Madeira at "The Latin Room", teaching tango in regular basis.

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