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The Art of Comedy | Workshop Internacional com Simon Edwards

Workshop | The Art of Comedy 
Com Simon Edwards
Dias 23 ( das 19h00 às 23h00), 24 e 25 (das 10h00 às 18h00) de Janeiro
Valor: 150€/120€ alunos Evoé

Workshop ministrado em Inglês

The Art of Comedy workshop is an intensive training where the actor discovers his or her own personal ‘Ridiculousness’. Some people seem to make us laugh by simply walking onto the stage but how? During this workshop we explore each actor’s personal comic presence and develop the individual’s unique comic talents. Throughout the workshop we uncover the secrets of comedy.

‘The Art of Comedy’ is led by Simon Edwards, a clown and director of comedy with more than 30 years of experience. This workshop has been developed since 1989 when Simon studied with Jacques Lecoq at his school in Paris. Simon has a natural talent for Comedy (he started working as a street Clown at 14 years old) and over the years has developed his particular approach to universal Clowning. He is teacher to some of today’s leading international comic actors.

Comic presence – finding your ‘Clown’

The smallest mask in the world, (the red nose)

Comic action and timing

Comic relationships and hierarchies (the dynamics of solos, duos and trios)

Numero’s (circus, cabaret)

Contemporary Commedia dell ‘arte (Half Mask)

Clown in Theatre 

Clown on Camera (filmed comic sketches – viewing work and feedback)

Rua das Canastras, nº 36/40,1100-112, Lisboa (2ª a 5ªf, das 18h00 às 21h00) | email | 21 888 08 38 | 96 824 39 95

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