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Exotic Pole Dance com Polina Ginger

  • Workshop de Dança e Teatro
  • DeepDance PoleDance Studio
  • 14 de Abril de 2018
  • Duração
  • Bobadela, Loures (Lisboa)
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  • Vagas
  • Com Certificado (Certificado de Participação)

Mais uma vez, a DeepDance PoleDance Studio e A Pompadourette juntam-se para trazer a Lisboa 4 workshops de Exotic Pole Dance no estilo inconfundível da sexy Polina Martyanova! ♥ 

A não perder dias 14 e 15 de Abril! 

Sábado, 14 de Abril das 12:00 às 13:30
Local: A Pompadourette
"Chair is the second popular thing to use for exotic dance after pole. With a chair you can make a very interesting performance as well as private dance for your partner. We use sexy sensual moves, basic steps of strip plastic, elements of strip tease, and seducing attitude. Usually it's a very funny class and goes with all levels.
Students must have knee pads or any knee protection, and socks."

EXOTIC POLE STORY (adv/pre-advanced level)
Sábado, 14 de Abril das 16:00 às 17:30
Local: DeepDance PoleDance Studio
"Represent my exotic style, with signature moves, transitions and tricks. I will teach you how to dance the choreography, the feeling and technical parts. In this class you learn how to interpret music
through your body and how to tell your own unique story. In this case your body is like an instrument in the hands of the music you perform, thus music is the boss.
If you are not sure about the choreography, I can always advice you.
Usually it's very fun but difficult, and require adv/pre-advanced level." 

Domingo, 15 de Abril das 11:00 às 12:30
Local: A Pompadourette
"Strip plastic is a dance style that started to be popular in Russia about 10 years ago.
The specific of it is sexy floor work mix with acrobatic/gymnastic elements and combination of different types of styles, like jazz, contemporary, ballet and many others. Basically it depends on the individual work of the choreographer. Mix of strip plastic with pole dance is what nowadays the whole world knows as Russian Exotic
Pole Dance. It still has a huge popularity apart from pole, because strip plastic funtion for the body as a great work out, improves flexibility, gracefulness and of course, everything goes with erotic mood. Main attention pays to musicality, dance techniques and sensuality.
Students must have knee pads or any knee protection, high heels or socks."

Domingo, 15 de Abril das 15:00 às 16:30
Local: DeepDance PoleDance Studio
"Represent my exotic style, with signature moves, transitions and tricks. The class is based on combinations and transitions, without particular musical content. We are focus on technical parts of exotic pole, how to create the FLOW, feel the FLOW and move the FLOW. In this class your body tells it’s own original story, and the music is just an instrument to create the right mood and atmosphere. Here our body is the boss, music doesn’t dictate anything but is meant to move you into a special meditational state. It’s a very tasty condition. 
Suitable for every level."

1 Ws: 60€
2 Ws: 110€ (55€/cada)
4 Ws: 200€ (50€/cada)

As vagas são limitadas e as inscrições apenas são válidas conforme pagamento.

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