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Reciprocal Roof


The reciprocal roof is a beautiful structure, aesthetically pleasing while offering the advantage of having no internal supports since the weight of the roof is distributed to the wall posts and then down to the ground.  It is a self-supporting structure.  Construction is relatively simple.  This opportunity is for those who want to gain experience building the structural component of the reciprocal roof.  

Date and Time: 2017 July 3rd, Monday, 8:00am-1pm
Location: Monsanto, Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal
Language: English (Since we expect mostly english speaking participants), on the spot Portuguese, French, and Italian translations will be available.
Limited Capacity: 12 people.
Please contact us for more information or to reserve your spot: 

Mobile: +351 962 115 890 (9am - 9pm)

Last day to reserve your spot:  June 30th 5pm.
Camping available on the night of July 2nd.

Armed with this experience, the rest of the task of building the roundhouse is more trivial in nature.  The roof may be finished with wood planks and a pond liner or even metal sheeting or regular clay roof tiles.  Walls can be made with strawbale, adobe, cordwood, or even regular brick and mortar.  


Who are we?

We came to live here in Monsanto, Portugal seven years ago.  With a passion for eco-construction and sustainability we decided to leave our old lives behind.  We consider ourselves realists more than extremists.  Sustainability needs to include a human level, which means finances, speed of construction, and how realistic it is to build something with just a few people.  The best design needs to consider all solutions available.  Adhering strictly to ideology can sometimes run the risk of being unrealistic and inhumane.

We believe that knowledge is essential to experience true freedom.  We are on a constant search for knowledge, and if we can share a little bit of what we have learned, hopefully we can make a difference in this world.  We are not certified architects, engineers, or landscape designers, we are just regular people who are developing their own smallholding and have learned a thing or two on this incredible journey.  We are all about win-win situations, so if we can share what passion, experience and knowledge we have, while at the same time contributing to our family’s needs, we can create a positive cycle.

We relish the opportunity to connect with other people who share our same passions.


What will you learn?

You will participate in the actual building of a reciprocal roof, as well as learn how to calculate all reference points and lengths required for the task.

At the beginning of the day, all support posts will already be planted.  By the end of the day the structural part of the roof will be complete showing the signature sprial/circle in the center.

We will walk you through calculations of this particular build.  By the end of this workshop you should have the knowledge to calculate/plan your own reciprocal roof based on your own needs and design.

What is included?

Printed “cheatsheet” with diagrams and formulas explaining theory behind the construction of the reciprocal roof
Theoretical/Mathematical background for designing a reciprocal roof
Hands-on experience constructing a reciprocal roof.
Breakfast @ 7:30am (Workshop introductions begin at 8:30am)
Wholesome Vegetarian Lunch

What should you bring?

Hard hat and or Shade hat
Steel toe boots
Drinking Water for a full day (it’s going to be hot!)

Why are we doing this?

We have built our own homes, but are bored of the standard rectangular build. We believe that people should do what they are passionate about and success will follow.  We love alternative building methods and found the reciprocal roof particularly inspiring.  We want to positively influence those who would like some experience building a reciprocal roof in the hopes of helping them realize their own projects.


What’s the atmosphere going to be like?

We want participants to take what they want out of this experience.  If you want to contribute some muscle you can, but on the flip-side if you want to just sit back and observe you should feel at ease to do that as well.

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