O Fojo Permaculture ¦ Integral Education Center

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  • Caminho do Fojo, nº 17
    3250-032 Fojo - Almoster, Alvaiázere (Leiria)
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O Fojo Permaculture | Integral Education Center | Portugal

At O Fojo Permaculture | Integral Education Center, as a community, we walk the pathway of personal transformation through nature connection and a mindful attitude towards life. Observing. Living joyfully the process itself. As it is. Here and now.

We envision to live an abundant, happy, balanced, and healthy and nature connected meaningful life. And we are here to share it.

We are deeply committed to experiment what is to live an ethical and meaningful life not just for ourselves but also by holistically supporting others to experience that. We disseminate tools and experiences for creative and searching minds like ours, to actively and consciously transform our social, ecological and economical paradigm through personal transformation.

Since 2009 we are creating practical and educational experience in multiple domains to the point where we are now launching the Integral Education Center to offer innovative and high quality education for a planetary citizenship, through carefully designed events and courses.

We explore a diversity of subjects, views and possibilities and integrate them at our agenda to serve the regeneration process of our Eco-social planetary environment, by creating specific journeys and diverse courses contents.

Organized as daily visits, weekend experiences, long term education programs, volunteering periods, internships, advanced study practices, retreats, practical workshops, we offer innovative and high quality education in following domains:

Permaculture, agriculture, agroforestry, natural building, bio-climatic and organic architecture, alternative technologies, technical and practical skills, community and ecovillage design, economy, political literacy, governance, decision making technics, group work technics, circular processes, non-violent communication, conflict transformation, life coaching, adult literacy for locals, children’s workshops and summer boot camps, nutrition, meditation, holistic world view, art and healing therapies, shamanism and sacred medicines, music, dance, sexuality, tantra... and what else the pathway will demand us to do!

O Fojo | Integral Education Center is supported and managed by a functional international intentional community, focused on becoming an integral regenerative leadership education learning environment, for the self-realization of human beings, always on the cutting edge of the new paradigm education.

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